Dangdut Singer Trio

Remix singer very much of womanhood there is singing solo or in trio form.
this time there are a few pictures dangdut singer or singers who sing in a trio. the doings of the three singers on stage was a special attraction for the audience data in particular.
This vocal trio comes from the city of Jogjakarta, Indonesia they named the group " TRIO CECAK ".

Artis Dangdut Indonesia koplo

Artis Dangdut Indonesia koplo
wide range of ages and different types of people in Indonesia are making music as a regular diet Remix - day.
Not be separated from it dangdut could be more colorful because of the sing and recite by people - people who have advanced or expert in the song - the song itself dangdut
there are few female artist dangdut singer, better known as "the choirmaster''

1. via valent
Born on October 1, 1990
From the city of Surabaya in East Java Indonesia
Via Valen some photos:)

2. Ratna Antika
Living in Malang East Java Indonesia
Born on March 12, 1989

Dangdut music flow

glimpse of dangdut music in the eyes of others is the people's music, especially in the outskirts of the Indonesian state
but I REFUTES that opinion.
me and the people out there more confident that the music Dangdut is one entertainment that can be enjoyed all circles of people tie up with ordinary people like me.

or symbol of dangdut music in the State of Indonesia is marked by the sound of musical instruments are often called "ketipung or drums"

Flow dangdut music is quite popular with Indonesian community dance and unwind after a day of work and activities